Most Retweeted 2016.

This week Sports Illustrated released a list of the top sporting tweets...and there was a significant oddity


That one team account was this iconic tweet from Leicester City the moment they overcame all the odds to be crowned Premier League Champions. Also included in the most retweeted the MLB account and the emotional Dee Gordon’s home run after Jose Fernandez’s death - which contained the video of the moment which the league owns. 

The list is an interesting read - if for nothing else to see how simple some of the tweets are. Second most retweeted in the USA and fifth globally was Marshawn Lynch's retirement tweet - which is nothing more than a blurry image and one emoji. It's very Marshawn in it's style - but also very telling of what today's fan craves on social...


James Royner, Director of Digital for the Kanas City Chiefs pointed out👇


It's an interesting topic. It reminds me of what I was told while studying about chasing "viral" videos;

"you can strategise all you want & pump in all the money you like, but if a kid bites a finger or a panda sneezes on camera and it is uploaded to the right place at the right time, all your planning and dollars don't stand a chance"

Difference here is you have a chance to control the conversation. To direct and capture attention. This isn't a catchy pop song with a random dance move which has gained notoriety overnight from nowhere, but someone on your team who you can activate, enable and help to tell their story.

I always hear the "turn your audiance into advocates" line at any social conference I go the same with your players, managers, support staff. Embrace their humour, personality and spontaneity.

What are some of your favourite spontaneous moments from sport? And what are your thoughts surrounding players vs team engagement on social? Send me a tweet, let's chat!