CFB Spectacles - The Hurricanes

Snap's Spectacles are one of the most intriguing products to pop up inside the social media space for a while. Think of them like a GoPro on your head...only much smaller and integrated into a pair of stylish glasses. The kicker? They link directly with Snapchat & on other social media output a strangely immersive circular video. They also might solve the horizontal vs vertical video debate on social single-handedly...


They've been floating around for a few weeks now - but have been near impossible to get hands on. So far the only way to purchase a pair has been to track down one of the vending machines which can drop anywhere across the US (or world). Snap did recently open a store in NYC...which has queues that wrap around the block, starting the night before. It's marvellous marketing, but has restricted where you can actually watch people using Spectacles.

However, on Saturday morning Spectacles dropped a vending machine in Florida...and on Saturday evening, the Miami Hurricanes tweeted 👇


And how did it look?

I was already pretty much sold before - but seeing them in action has pushed me right over any edge that remained. It was so cool to be able to interact with the video, and turn it when it needed to be turned - or view it the way I wanted to view it.

Sure it has it's small downsides - so of the text got a little lost and some things are only viewable from certain places...but for a first story, and one of the first using this tech on that platform? Awesome. Huge kudos to the Hurricanes social media team for being willing to jump on and try new tech!

Check out the full story for yourself via the Miami Hurricane's quick! You have less than a day 👀!

Buuut if you did miss it, that's fine - I've got you covered 👇

Yeah. It's pretty awesome.