SHORT SNACK #3 | Welsh Forests & Dog Walkings

I'm spending Christmas with the girlfriend this year. The town she grew up in is a lovely little place in Mid-Wales surrounded by incredible areas of wide open land, forests, lakes and dams...a stark contrast to where I grew up in London! It's also a mecca for some incredible drone shots just waiting to happen.

While the weather has been awful, I took the Phantom up to the local forest while walking her dogs with a few friends crossing fingers we'd get lucky. Winds gusted, and rain fell...but as we entered an open clearing the weather calmed and I took my chance.


I'd love to have been up for longer - but as we continued along the walk, the wind picked up and rain didn't let up. Huge shame...but for Wales in the depth of winter I'm very happy to get the flight I did! A great end to my flying for 2016 and a positive step into 2017, where I'm looking to do a lot more flights like this!

I did however take my A7sII with me - which is much less weather reliant, and took some photos of friends & dogs while they enjoyed the wet and windy conditions. I enjoy shooting sport - but it's always great to get out into the wilds & test myself with something a little different.


All images taken on a Sony A7sII with 85mm & edited in Lightroom

One Month To Go - London Welsh RFC

Last month, I had a free weekend back in my hometown of Twickenham and spotted it coincided with a London Welsh home game.

I sent a quick email over to the London Welsh media manager to see if it would be fine to fly my drone at London Welsh's home ground of Old Deer Park pre-game - & after checking I had the necessary PfAW, and after I talked them through my pre-match risk assessment and safety considerations, they agreed.

I wanted to edit together something like this video, made at the WT20 in India while working for the ICC, but the game wasn't really big enough to warrant that sort of production so, instead, the video focussed on the big Xmas eve, local derby clash with London Scottish


Shot in one day & edited that evening, the video will be used to promote the game with London Welsh releasing it on YouTube with month to go until the clash.

I also edited other versions from the one day's worth of filming, creating shorter bitesize videos (for social sharing), so that London Welsh have been able to promote every home match and every home match still to come this year (although you'll have to keep following London Welsh on Twitter to see these upcoming videos!)

On top I provided London Welsh with photography from the game, shared directly from my camera to phone, edited and then sent to the London Welsh media manager, who could then post them onto social right as the action happened.

Images included photos to use at the final whistle - shared moments after the game ended & for which you don't need Twitter's insights to see which got the better engagement for a post without photos vs high quality imagery 👇