Pre-game Content

There's so much you can do before the action starts - training sizzles, opening montages, interviews - great pre-game content drove traffic through shares from online to TV and raised awareness of a game starting through visual means.

In-Game Content

While the broadcast team handled on the field action, there is so much happening in the crowds or BHS. From field to computer, edited in minutes - we were delivering "feel of the game" moments online minutes after they happened.

Post-Game Content

Post-game was the biggest draw of views and shares for the ICC, so the content had to be great. We took fans to places other cameras can't go and provided unique, exclusive access dominating the post-result conversation.

Snapchat + BHS Photography

Snapchat is the hottest social media app for sports right now. At the World Twenty20 the ICC organised for location filters and several global stories.

I ran the global story for India v Pakistan, the first ever cricketing global story and contributed to the finals story. Content the ICC created for these gained over 25 million impressions as well as world wide buzz and chatter on other social platforms. 

Snapchat was a big push for the ICC. It's something new, and not popular in the demographic people usually associate with cricket - but through creating great content we were able to attract a whole new audiance very successfully and bring them a little close to action they may not have known was happening otherwise.

While Getty covered most of the photography for the World Twenty20, they often shot more editorial and in-game content. My role was to capture something different - the shareable moments and behind the scenes action from training and around the event. Making videos, I was often in the perfect place to get a quick snap of something which could be posted either instantly (via a wi-fi enabled camera and on-phone photo editing software) or held to promote a future piece of content.

These photos were used directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or formed "highlight" galleries which were posted daily on the website. These received huge flows of traffic as easy to digest bitesize forms of content.