What Is This Blog 🤔

Hey there!

The People who know me know I love images.

& the people who don't probably have already worked that out.

In short - I've always loved video. I used to film Subbuteto games on my Dad's old DV camera when I was younger, and have been taking photos ever since I borrowed his Nikon DSLR on a holiday.

I once dreamed of winning Oscars, until I realised how pointless those kinda award shows really are... 

Something else I've always loved is words. I have a dream of writing an epic fantasy tale one day, packed with dragons and ridiculous politics from a world that exists only in my mind...but right now my day job keeps me busy enough, and my list of wants pushes "right a 500 page per book trilogy" quite a long way down.

I'm barraged with how video is going to take over social in the coming years. How images are the future. I don't disagree, and for me? It's great news! But I dislike how copy is being neglected in this conversation. The same way a great photo will be able to convey meaning easier than a short video - great writing has something about it which nothing else can quite beat.

For one, it doesn't need to time to load or buffer.

I know I'm not a great writer, I'm not even a good writer - but hopefully this blog is step one to getting a little closer to a day when I think I'm a a better writer than I am today.


I hope you enjoy reading! & please, get in touch 👇