Social Pet Peeve: Keep Clicks Simple

The social space is congested.

This isn't news - you have a maximum of 4 seconds for content to capture your audiences attention or they're scrolling on. It makes sense your followers also don't want to have to type or click to much to hunt down your content away from where they currently are.

Searching for page: Min 4 Clicks

Direct Link: 1 Click

And this doesn't count someone who doesn't have the website bookmarked or needs to switch apps on a phone and search. You can add easily 10x more clicks than from a direct link, and that's still including some shortcuts - all while not guaranteeing they even find your page at all (or don't get distracted on the way).

What's strange as well is that teams haven't always just thrown a post online. A lot of thought has gone into grabbing the audience's attention - but not necessarily on the next step, driving and guiding them to your desired destination.


I see this an awful lot on Gameday, and across most sports. Generally this lack of direct links doesn't really make sense either. If you had an article on your website you wanted to make your audiance aware of you wouldn't just put in the copy "head over to our website" - you'd add a link. It shouldn't be any different for informing someone of something happening on another social platform.

Social media & Google might make it easy to find your official page on other platforms - but why create the extra effort when you can take all and any effort out and add the direct link? It's not like it looks messy either.

In the constant fight for attention and relevance, those who streamline the process and make the experience easy for their audiance will come out on top.

Don't add extra work - make it easy.

Keep It Simple (on Social) Stupid.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have some reasons I may have missed why you may not put a direct link?

Follow this direct link & let me know on Twitter 😉

One Month To Go - London Welsh RFC

Last month, I had a free weekend back in my hometown of Twickenham and spotted it coincided with a London Welsh home game.

I sent a quick email over to the London Welsh media manager to see if it would be fine to fly my drone at London Welsh's home ground of Old Deer Park pre-game - & after checking I had the necessary PfAW, and after I talked them through my pre-match risk assessment and safety considerations, they agreed.

I wanted to edit together something like this video, made at the WT20 in India while working for the ICC, but the game wasn't really big enough to warrant that sort of production so, instead, the video focussed on the big Xmas eve, local derby clash with London Scottish


Shot in one day & edited that evening, the video will be used to promote the game with London Welsh releasing it on YouTube with month to go until the clash.

I also edited other versions from the one day's worth of filming, creating shorter bitesize videos (for social sharing), so that London Welsh have been able to promote every home match and every home match still to come this year (although you'll have to keep following London Welsh on Twitter to see these upcoming videos!)

On top I provided London Welsh with photography from the game, shared directly from my camera to phone, edited and then sent to the London Welsh media manager, who could then post them onto social right as the action happened.

Images included photos to use at the final whistle - shared moments after the game ended & for which you don't need Twitter's insights to see which got the better engagement for a post without photos vs high quality imagery 👇