Short Snack #7 - Weekend Walks and Waterfalls

It's been a long few weeks. Lots of travel, lots of work. So when my girlfriend said her and a friend were planning on going back to her parents house to essentially do nothing for a few days - I thought I'd tag along. Get some editing done. Watch some movies. Maybe have a beer or two.

My girlfriend's family lives in the middle of a small town in Wales. It's called Llanidloes - right by the start of the Severn River. It's pretty much the opposite to where I grew up just touching the outta edge of Central London...and it's beautiful. I enjoy going just for the walks sometimes. So - with a new piece of gear I'm still learning and testing out + my trusty Phantom 4 I made this... Enjoy!


Where do you go to recharge and relax? 

Let me know! 👇




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All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 20mm and Phantom 4