Short Snack #6 - Gladiators Make History 🏈

At University I got the option to try a sport I'd watched for years but never *really* had a chance to play properly.

Over the course of three years we won the clubs first ever game & qualified for the clubs first ever playoffs. Sadly we lost that game...not bad though for an undersized university, playing in the toughest conference in the UK & in the clubs third full season! 

As great as University was, in my first & third years especially, the Gladiators were the most important thing to me that I did. Great people, phenomenal coaches, playing hard each & every Sunday and socialising each Wednesday. 

So, when the newest crops of Glads had a chance to do something we couldn't - and make some University of Gloucestershire football history I had to go along & try and capture it...

The game kicked off at around 1.30pm Sunday. It's now Monday at 12.26pm while I write this (published at 12.40pm!).

Not a bad turn around for a 3 minute recap shot & edited by one person! 

I've been trying these visual recaps for a while - trying to hit on a few things, and while this is rough it's getting me closer and closer to where I'm happy with them. This one I wanted more than anything to try and get a sense for what it's like in the build up, on the field and then capture those emotions of a win.

Fingers crossed they make the final so I can add to everything I've learned from this one (& so they can win that ring of course...).

As well as the video, I did a very small amount of photography as well 👇

What did you think of the effort? What would you have liked to see - or what parts didn't work for you? Let me know! 👇




All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 85mm or Canon 70-200mm.