Working with the PR team as the Digital Content Manager & Visual Producer, the aim was to cover the 6 day events of the Women's Tour with fast turn around but engaging & high quality social video.

  • The Women's Tour wasn't live, but did have a 10pm highlights show.
  • We were budgeted for a one person team, but still pitched a strategy which aimed to produce at least five videos per day,
  • On top of this, we pitched further visual content including photos available on social from a DSLR camera in under a minute.
  • Identifying Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the best platforms to distribute content, we planned a coverage strategy to create content pre- and post-race 
  • As well, we put forward ideas for Snapchat and a post Women's Tour strategy for YouTube.
  • The videos were meant to last, with at least 60% being as timeless as possible to allowing for sharing in the future.


Pre-race was was based around video content created on the previous day and high quality photographs shared wirelessly to a phone for editing and social posting. With the race starting often pre-9am, and so much to gather it didn't make sense to try to film and edit anything to try to beat the start - instead we allowed Snapchat to cover, backed up with video content of generic answers to questions like "who is your cycling inspiration" or "favourite cycling memory", gave an insight into the personalities and characters of the riders pre-race.

Post-race was where we focussed most of the video content efforts. Staying beyond the finish line - we were able to grab the reactions of the winning riders & team rather than the line cross, which was covered in multiple other places and by the media and SweetSpot photographer. Mixed with post race photos, quick hit interviews from racers and opportunistic video opportunities, these were edited so that in under thirty minutes the first video post-race were ready for social and could be trickled out over the hours to promote the race and the upcoming highlights show. We also showed the post-race press conference live on Facebook and filmed quotes to have high quality short form video to share as the week went on.

Filmed in a day with a one person team, & released the week post-Tour

“Although there weren’t any live images of the Women’s Tour, the cycling community has been following along on Twitter using #AvivaWT2016 and through the liveblog on the website of the Women’s Tour. The sheer amount of photos, clips, Facebook live videos and results that were published throughout the race really made us feel we were part of the race.
Coverage-wise, this was the best non-livestreamed race we’ve had in women’s cycling this year. Other organisers should take it as an example of how women’s races can be promoted and covered when there’s no opportunity for a live broadcast or livestream.”

– Ella Cycling Tips

The highlights weren't until 10pm, & race focussed, so we took fans behind the scenes showing personalities of their favourite riders
Varied and visual pre and post-race coverage - focussing on taking the fan behind the scenes

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