The main thing being sold was an experience. Video was used to show how much fun people on the courses were having & portray how awesome the course extras are to do for anyone interested. Stand-alone videos were made for major events. 


The courses aren't cheap, and it's a big investment for anyone to make to go on one of these excursions. With multiple options in several resorts, having a great set of "selling" promo videos was mandatory, getting ahead of the competition. We could show the beauty and what was on offer, rather than just saying it.

Trick Tips

Selling world class instruction's hard via just copy...but as a video it's easier. Utilising Andrew, course leader in both New Zealand and Banff, several videos were made to encourage others to take his courses, as he showed off his instructional and gnarly side.

Weekly Recaps

One of the most popular part of the blog was the weekly recap, so to add some life - we made them more visual. Fitting into the blog and around shorter hits of content, the weekly recaps were a dose of jealously shared around the internet by people on the course and prospective clients thinking of booking.


Alongside videos, photos are a huge part of Basecamp and Ticket to Ride's marketing plan. My images were shared on social media daily, but also made a content bank that was used for throwback content, in emails, in print, on the website and for promotional booklets.



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