I produced The Shooting Elements of a daily digital Channel 4 Paralympics Breakfast Show, which could be viewed on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Downloaded from the All4 Website.

With Up To Half a Million Views Per Day, it was a Huge SUCCESS, hitting a demographic which TV did not typically serve and proving a hit with the Paralympic COMMITTEE and a Channel 4 favourite.


In addition to my shoot producing role on the Breakfast Show, when the Paralympics begun the Channel 4 social team used my roving content gathering ability to take photos and shoot video which could be shared live directly to social media. As my role developed over time, the role grew more and more for content gathering for broadcast use and secondary angles for the Breakfast Show as it's importance to the IPC and Channel 4 grew.

Shared live from within the venue almost instantly to social, I was able to take a variety of action, behind the scene or beauty photographs. I also had the opportunity to produce some social video, which were shared directly to Facebook and Twitter, with one making the broadcast schedule.

A major part of my social role quickly turned into a broadcast position. Since I was able to get places the larger cameras couldn't, and hang around longer then they could I was able to grab shots which eventually made their way onto TV, show extensively in the Closing Ceremony and on The Last Leg.

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