Tour London with the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders

2x Superbowl champion Byron Chamberlain interviews Lions TE Eric Ebron

The NFL International Series happened over three weeks. The build up needed to be on point. With a growing & fanatical following in the UK, content needs to capture both the knowledgable and inform the others. From only one or two pre-game shoots each week I was able to create a range of content ranging from cheerleader tours, to exclusive interviews and behind the scenes videography and photography - enough to capture as wide an audiance as was required.

Interview with Bills' Senior VP of Communications Scott Berchtold about the impact of the International Series to Buffalo.

RealSport are a growing UK sports blog, who saw their NFL viewship sky rocket to over 15,000 unique visitors for the International Series. A young blog, only in operation for three months this was a giant leap in growth, fueled by great writing but supported heavily by fast turnaround information heavy videos and exclusive interviews from Super Bowl champions and NFL staff. 

Working on exclusive events with an NFL UK photographer and at the press conference/training events across London, my role with was to capture a behind the scenes look at the teams traveling to the UK.

The NFL already had shoots set up for photography, so I used those as opportunities to capture a second photographic angle, while also creating a range of YouTube/Facebook video content as well as shorter Twitter/Instagram quick hit content. At training session I used to time to film and photograph the training teams, while also talking to players to create a range of informative content on a variety of topics - these could be shared via social media to lead to larger content, or capture eyeballs for ad revenue.

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