The Extreme Sailing Series wanted a stand alone video to accompany their press events announcing the teams, locations and new style of boats for the 2016 series. Sponsored in part by Land Rover BAR and created over two days in Dubai using footage from the team's training sessions, this promo was created. 

With 3.7million views on Facebook and a wide spread share across Twitter, including attention from the main Land Rover account, this video was considered a huge success. It fit the ESS and Land Rover's visual styles, and captured elements of the racing to come despite not being shot in race conditions. 

Shorter Social Videos 

Alongside the larger promo, the ESS also wanted several smaller social videos to promote the run up to the first event in Muscat. These were shorter form videos with the aim to accompany copy and capture attention. On Facebook these videos were viewed over 2,500,000 times.

The independent School Ski championships

Basecamp Group


The School Ski Champs takes place over a long weekend in Les Deux Alpes.

Featuring school children rather than professional racers, the tactics for content marketing are vastly different. Rather than creating videos to capture a large, new audiance - the focus is to directly inform the parents and schools of the children on the course while also marketing the event to smaller market of other possibly interested schools and parents.

The Daily "Diary"

Shooting through the day and editing into the night, we created a short daily visual diary of the major events from ISC. These could be image focused, or person focused depending on the day. An easy way for the parents to see what there children were doing and doubling as great marketing material for further iterations.  

Promo Video

While the school ski champs already had an informative longer form promo, I was tasked with creating something eye catching and smaller. This video based upon the "memories" of the ISC aims to quickly capture attention and drive eyeballs across to the website and other material.

SOcial Media Sizzle

Through the day updates were impossible to post. We created and scheduled several short 30 second videos timed for Facebook and Twitter. This allowed us to keep parents and teachers happy through the periods where it was impossible for us to directly update. The videos were edited to suit the following days events. 



Alongside the video content, we also produced photographs from the four days of training and competing. The aim was to take at least one photo of each of the 230 children. These photos would then be shared with the parents and schools as well as making up the marketing imagery for the next year. 

For the event the photos were uploaded in albums directly to Facebook, shared with copy on Twitter, used to create daily photoblogs and inform parents of the groups daily movements on Instagram and sold to parents and schools via SmugMug.


The International Series

NFL UK & RealSport

Tour London with the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders

2x Superbowl champion Byron Chamberlain interviews Lions TE Eric Ebron

The NFL International Series happened over three weeks. The build up needed to be on point. With a growing & fanatical following in the UK, content needs to capture both the knowledgable and inform the others. From only one or two pre-game shoots each week I was able to create a range of content ranging from cheerleader tours, to exclusive interviews and behind the scenes videography and photography - enough to capture as wide an audiance as was required.

Interview with Bills' Senior VP of Communications Scott Berchtold about the impact of the International Series to Buffalo.

RealSport are a growing UK sports blog, who saw their NFL viewship sky rocket to over 15,000 unique visitors for the International Series. A young blog, only in operation for three months this was a giant leap in growth, fueled by great writing but supported heavily by fast turnaround information heavy videos and exclusive interviews from Super Bowl champions and NFL staff. 

Working on exclusive events with an NFL UK photographer and at the press conference/training events across London, my role with was to capture a behind the scenes look at the teams traveling to the UK.

The NFL already had shoots set up for photography, so I used those as opportunities to capture a second photographic angle, while also creating a range of YouTube/Facebook video content as well as shorter Twitter/Instagram quick hit content. At training session I used to time to film and photograph the training teams, while also talking to players to create a range of informative content on a variety of topics - these could be shared via social media to lead to larger content, or capture eyeballs for ad revenue.

The Tour of Britain, Women's Tour and Tour Series


The Tour of Britain 

Starting in Wales, featuring stages in Scotland and England with the final stage taking place in central London on a revamped circuit, The Tour Of Britain was a truly all encompassing event. With highlights shown on ITV, the digital content supported the event & show.

The Women's Tour

Bringing together some of the biggest names in female cycling, The Women's Tour showcased everything that is great about the sport. Content helped inform and shared the great ladies of the tour with the wider world, turning many into cycling fans.

The Tour Series

A Unique team based concept, The Tour Series captured the imagination of spectators, riders and sponsors a like. Taking place on lap-based stages all over England, Wales and Scotland, it was the perfect event to capture some unique, shareable content.

Banff/Ohakune Coverage

Basecamp & Ticket to Ride


The main thing being sold are here are experiences. Video was used to show how much fun people on the courses were having & portray how awesome the course extras are to do for anyone interested. Stand-alone videos were made for major events. 


The courses aren't cheap, and it's a big investment for anyone to make to go on one of these excursions. With multiple options in several resorts, having a great set of "selling" promo videos was mandatory.

Trick Tips

Selling world class instruction's hard via text...but as a video it's easier. Utilising Andrew, the course leader in both New Zealand and Banff, several videos were made to encourage others to take his courses, as he showed off his instructional and gnarly side.

Weekly Recaps

One of the most popular sections of the blog were the weekly recaps - so to add some life, we made them much more visual. Fitting into the blog and around shorter hits of content, the weekly recaps were a dose of jealously shared around the internet.


Alongside videos, photos are a huge part of Basecamp and Ticket to Ride's marketing plan. My images were shared on social media daily, but also made a content bank that was used for throwback content, in emails, in print, on the website and for promotional booklets.



Behind the Scenes

England Students RFU

The England Rugby Students team wanted some behind the scenes coverage for the inaugural year of the Tri-Nations Students cup. Working as a videographer and eventually as the digital photographer, I created a short film LIVING WITH THE LION CUBS, which followed the team from their departure from Twickenham, until their arrival back there again.

The film showed at a couple of festivals across the UK, and is shows the benefit of these student international tournaments to the students who take part.

The photos were used on the website, journal updates and Twitter attracting much attention & were retweeted throughout the weekend by both the British and French media. 

Lord's Cricket Ground


Lord's is one of the most iconic venues in the country and is home to some of the most exciting cricket played anywhere in the world, but their in house social media and content was falling flat.

As a video producer working alongside a small team, we relaunched "Lord's TV", rebranding and reinvigorating their YouTube channel and creating daily bitesize shareable videos.

We created a schedule and backlogged content, allowing us to film and edit more while existing content was published. 

Honour Board Legends

With the access we were given at Lord's around games to locations and people, we created a series of short videos talking to the legends of the Lord's Honour Board, both English and International. Taking minutes to film, and with fast turn arounds, they formed the backbone of the content plan.


While we had access, we didn't always have rights. This meant we needed to be creative with how we created content. This series turned a huge number of facts into short quick hit animated content nuggets. Created from nothing by photographs and text, they we a big hit.

Behind the Scenes at Lord's

Lord's has so many little hidden places and half hinted or ignored traditions. We talked to both cricket and non-cricket fans, and came up with a season of "Behind The Scene" videos. Filmed over a single day, they provided two months of content.


Documentary Videography

Sports are complex. What you think everyone knows about your sport isn't necessarily true, and a story of your sport might not be obvious to those too close to the sport to see it.

ART OF MOTION is a short documentary about the community and deeper philosophies of parkour. Created to combat the growing ideology that all the activity consists of is "flips and tricks", it breaks down a fundamental truth to a wider audience. It has shown all over the world at film festivals as well as experiencing online success.

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