The School Ski Champs takes place over a long weekend in Les Deux Alpes.

Featuring school children rather than professional racers, the tactics for content marketing are vastly different. Rather than creating videos to capture a large, new audiance - the focus is to directly inform the parents and schools of the children on the course while also marketing the event to smaller market of other possibly interested schools and parents.

The Daily "Diary"

Shooting through the day and editing into the night, we created a short daily visual diary of the major events from ISC. These could be image focused, or person focused depending on the day. An easy way for the parents to see what there children were doing and doubling as great marketing material for further iterations.  

Promo Video

While the school ski champs already had an informative longer form promo, I was tasked with creating something eye catching and smaller. This video based upon the "memories" of the ISC aims to quickly capture attention and drive eyeballs across to the website and other material.

SOcial Media Sizzle

Through the day updates were impossible to post. We created and scheduled several short 30 second videos timed for Facebook and Twitter. This allowed us to keep parents and teachers happy through the periods where it was impossible for us to directly update. The videos were edited to suit the following days events. 



Alongside the video content, we also produced photographs from the four days of training and competing. The aim was to take at least one photo of each of the 230 children. These photos would then be shared with the parents and schools as well as making up the marketing imagery for the next year. 

For the event the photos were uploaded in albums directly to Facebook, shared with copy on Twitter, used to create daily photoblogs and inform parents of the groups daily movements on Instagram and sold to parents and schools via SmugMug.


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