Working alongside OBS pushing live TV to BT Sport and online on YouTube, Henley wanted some behind the scene videos to help drive traffic online while also raising the profile of their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Henley are very precious of their high quality brand and image plus they ran a #ThisIsWhyWeRow hashtag leading up to and through the event - so content needed to fit both of these.


We not only provided several videos per day, but also social photography shared directly to a WhatsApp group allowing Henley to post high quality photography through the week and on Finals Day owning their visual message with reaction photos shared moments after races finished.

On top of nailing the tone, Henley the live broadcast was watched more and longer than previous years & BT Sport reported some great numbers as well. 


Bespoke Content

Social Hype Sizzles

We used the Henley access to not only make content to benefit the race, but also draw in an international audiance & be used for the future
With a creative shooter & fast editor, even if a day wasn't quite going to plan we were able to come up with interesting, bespoke, on brand videos on the fly
Photos shared live from the side of the riverbank directly onto Twitter giving the fans an instant look on digital
With a high quality feel, the photos were engaged with and shared over 150x more than regular phone or poorer quality photos
Videos shared digitally built hype, gathered early engagement and drove users to the Henley YouTube channel and website where tye could the full races or see results.

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